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Amazon Prime is a wonderful thing. For $99 per year, you get free 2-day shipping on most products, and a number of other benefits including Photo Storage, Music, Movies, and more. A part of the Prime shipping benefit includes Add-on items.  Add-on items are usually less expensive items that cost more to ship than they do to purchase. Because of this, Amazon requires a minimum purchase of $25 in order to ship Add-on products for free with Prime.

There is a workaround though!

Alexa, Amazon’s voice controlled assistant, has the ability to order Add-on items without meeting Amazon’s $25 minimum purchase requirement. Alexa is included in almost all Amazon hardware, including Echo, Dot, Tap, Show, Fire TV, Fire Stick, Fire Tablets, and many 3rd party hardware devices.

If you do not have an Alexa enabled device, there is a trick to getting Alexa for free.  The Amazon Prime Music app includes the ability to talk to Alexa.
Google Play Store:
Apple App Store:

In order to take advantage of “The Alexa Trick”, you must first install the Alexa app on your device, and configure Voice Purchasing. It’s in the settings. You must also have 1-Click Purchasing enabled and configured in your Amazon account. This includes a default shipping address, and a default payment method.
Google Play Store:
Apple App Store:
Amazon 1-Click Settings:

Once all of that is setup, the way to order Add-on items without the $25 minimum purchase goes like this:

Step 1: Add the Add-on product to your shopping cart – at or in the Amazon app.
Step 2: Tell Alexa: “Alexa, order [name of the item in your cart]”
Step 3: Alexa will begin her response with “From your cart, ………, would you like to order it?”
Step 4: Respond “Yes”
Step 5: If you have a PIN setup in your Alexa App Voice Purchasing preferences, tell Alexa your PIN
Step 6: Your order is placed

Note: The item will still remain in your shopping cart at and in the Amazon app. Simply remove the item from your cart after your order has been placed.

Disclaimer: This does not always work. Sometimes, Alexa is hard to communicate with, or the item name is too vague or too specific. Sometimes, you will have to phrase the product name using only specific keywords from the title. The trick is to get Alexa to respond with “From your cart” – that way you know it is the correct item and all discounts, promotional codes, and glitchy prices will remain in place.