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About BerrySmart – Our Story

BerrySmart began as Berry Smart Media, LLC in 2009 as a traditional Web Development, Hosting, & Digital Marketing Agency. The original aim was to leverage our many years of experience working with large corporate clients to bring world class services to our local business community. We quickly found that most local businesses do not operate with a defined marketing budget, and any money spent on marketing needed to come from somewhere else, usually the owner’s own pocket. Time and time again, we found businesses that needed and wanted our services, but could not afford them.

As hard as we worked to remedy this situation, we could not find a way to price ourselves within the existing market conditions. After a strong initial start, the proverbial well ran dry and we needed to fall back to our roots and continue to work on large corporate projects, all the while holding on to our desire and mission to bring our expertise to small, local businesses.

In 2017, with a renewed focus and passion, BerrySmart was resurrected as a re-branded, streamlined subscription service. Rather than keep with the traditional “agency” model of Quote –> Build –> Bill –> Stagnate, we now provide ongoing Design, Development, Hosting, Marketing, and Management services in a monthly tiered billing structure. This affordable model does not require our clients to have large budgets to start, which is appealing to the local business owners we hope to serve. This allows us to build ongoing relationships and also allows us to build and maintain a fluid marketing plan which grows and changes as each individual business requires.

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